SAIB E-444 Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate

It is a weight balancing agent and emulsifier commonly used as an additive in foods and beverages.

As a weighting agent, SAIB adds a heavier consistency to substances.

As an emulsifier, it provides for the separation of ingredients.

SAIB has varied commercial applications in the food and beverage, cosmetics and paint industries.

Use as an additive in beverages

Beverage manufacturers use SAIB as an additive in non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.  According to “Analytical Methods of Food Additives”, SAIB is used to stabilize the flavor of beverages, although the additive has no flavor by itself.

SAIB also functions as a weighting or balancing agent in the emulsion by adding density to beverages, ranging from sodas to sports drinks or even in powdered drink mixes.

However, you will never find it as an additive used in alcoholic beverages.

Other Uses

SAIB also has applications in industries other than the food and beverage industry. This ingredient can be used as a weighting and balancing agent in printing inks, lacquers and decorative coatings.  SAIB has resistance to discoloration and is soluble in many substances.  In the cosmetics industry SAIB is also used in formulations of many cosmetics and perfumes.  In cosmetics this substance helps provide resistance to oxidation caused by air and helps prevent the separation of ingredients from the formula.


SAIB is a highly soluble substance and will completely dissolve in most oils and fats. However, SAIB does not dissolve in water by itself. When dissolved in most solvents, this substance does not change the chemical properties of other ingredients, except for consistency. SAIB has almost no effect on altering taste, color and fragrance.

Safety of the use of SAIB.

According to “Analytical Methods of Food Additives”, SAIB is safe for consumption and has no side effects or adverse interactions associated with its use. In humans, the gastrointestinal tract processes SAIB and then eliminates the substance through feces and urine. SAIB has no persistent effects on the body or health problems associated with prolonged use. The FDA has fully approved SAIB for use as an additive in beverage manufacturing.

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